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What exactly is credit and why does it matter? How does health or auto insurance work and what should you look for when selecting a policy? Where do you go to register to vote or sign up for utilities when you move into your house? What makes a professional email professional? 

Librarians and our friends from across campus will cover the things they wish they would have known before graduating college. We'll give you an overview of these topics (and more) as well as strategies for finding trusted resources to help you prepare to make better decisions.


Interested but can't come at this time? SMU Libraries offers the Request a Workshop service to meet the needs of your class, writing group, department, or student organization. Schedule a convenient time and location that works for you by choosing from a list of possible topics or requesting a custom session.

Presented by Hollie Gardner

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
3:30pm - 4:15pm
Fondren Library Red 323
Fondren Library
  Work and life  
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