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This is a guest lecture by Dr. Robert Shepard.

Description - Our ability to study historical inequalities and their relationship to the present in high detail is not bound by existing maps or narratives. Visualizations of the underlying empirical data - and maps in particular - can be the most powerful communication tools and the most radical forms of education on the topic. I will talk about rethinking our relationship with our spatial data, so that we are not only crafting arguments from available information but also generating new datasets and new ways for others to interact with it. In addition to speaking broadly I will discuss, specific to my project,

  • the tools and methods of visualization in Placing Segregation and the affordances of particular visual languages or design strategies
  • politics of knowledge generation through the construction and use of maps, including what is left out or becomes invisible, as well as concerns about privacy and unintended consequences



Presented by Dr. Robert Shepard

Thursday, April 11, 2019
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Fondren Library Red 109
Fondren Library
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