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Tuesday, March 1

4-4:45 PM

Hawn Conference Room, Hamon Arts Library

The Community of Cinema


  • SMU Student panelists (directing/producing team of the upcoming SMU Summer Feature). Piper Hadley, Grace Maddox, Anna Butcher, Kaytlyn Bunting.

  • Bart Weiss. Associate Professor of Film, University of Texas at Arlington. Award-winning filmmaker and director/founder of the Dallas VideoFest. VIRTUAL.

  • Alessandro Carrera, Ph.D., Director of Italian Studies and Graduate Director of World Cultures & Literatures at the University of Houston University of Houston. Author of Fellini's Eternal Rome: Paganism and Christianity in the Films of Federico Fellini (Bloomsbury, 2019). VIRTUAL.

The Roundtable will be held in the Hawn Conference Room, accessed from the Hamon Library lobby

Tuesday, March 1, 2022
4:00pm - 4:45pm
Hamon Arts Library
Hawn Conference Room 1240